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Wood Fires

Designed to heat your entire house, a wood fire is a very energy efficient way of heating any room. In fact, running a wood fire is one of the cheapest forms when it comes to heating.

When it comes to wood fires, we’ve got quite a large range of multi-purpose models available here at The Gas Log Fire Company. If you’ve got a particular product in mind, our team of specialists is on-hand to guide you through the selection process.

Know that a wood fire is a great option and that wood is a carbon neutral product. What that means in terms of your fire is that unlike so many other fuels, burning wood won’t generate any more carbon dioxide than if it was just left to decompose naturally. Wood is also a renewable energy source which makes purchasing a wood fire great for the environment.

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Buying a Gas or Wood Fireplace might make you eligible for a A$400.00 Autumn Discount!
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