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The Log Fire Company is the most trusted Real Flame Fireplace Distributor in Melbourne

Why Choose Real Flame Fireplace

Continuous Heating

Real Flame Fireplaces offer continuous and consistent heating at all times.

Top Quality Products

Real Flame Fireplaces are one of the most recognised brands for quality heating

Energy Efficiency

Real Flame products are known for their energy efficiency which allows you to save up fuel costs

Environment Friendly

Real Flame are one of the most environmentally friendly home products in the market

Our Real Flame Fireplaces

Real Flame Element 1200 DS Gas Fire

The Real Flame Element 1200 DS is the latest addition to Real Flame’s high efficiency Element gas fireplace range combining clean lines and cutting-edge design to present a truly stunning fireplace.

As one of our most sought-after sizes, the Element 1200 DS achieves twice the ambience with the addition of a double-sided visual display to deliver flickering flames from all viewpoints. Be drawn straight to the flames with multiple media options to elevate your room and captivate your senses.

Representing the epitome of modern design, the Element 1200 DS will be the focal point of any space.

Element 1200 DS Melbourne Real Flame
Real Flame Element 900 Compact Fireplace

Real Flame Element 900 Gas Fireplace

The Real Flame Element 900 is a smaller version of Real Flame’s best-selling fireplace designed to make an impressive statement in living spaces of all shapes & sizes.

It’s designed with the same stunning clean lines and beautiful flames as the Element 1200, but is more suited to compact spaces and modest rooms.

Representing the epitome of modern design, you can even choose your trim size for a tailored finish including the new 50mm and 18mm sizes for a clearer view of the firebox.

Real Flame EVO

The EVO range offers endless possibilities to create a stunning feature in your space. Elevating your space for all occasions with various light setting options that can transform any room with or without warmth for year-round comfort and enjoyment.

  • Patented Revillusion™ flame technology doubles the visual depth of the firebox
  • Ceramic Nordic logs and coals paired with a glowing ember bed to create a warming electric flame effect
  • Flame with or without warmth for year-round comfort and enjoyment
  • Optional accessories for a more defined finish of the fireplace
Real Flame EVO Firebox Melbourne
Real Flame Vivente

Real Flame Vivente

The clever design enables the choice of creating a 1, 2, or 3-sided configuration when the product is being installed, while anti-reflective glass avoids unwanted reflections impacting upon the stunning flame effect.

It is this Revillusion flame effect that truly sets Vivente apart – by removing the central mirror seen in traditional electric fires, Revillusion increases the visible depth of the firebox and allows the firebox lining to be changed to suit your interior design theme.

Real Flame Vektor 1100

Utilising the latest in state of the art technology, the Vektor 1100 features an in-log burner to create an incredible campfire flame pattern with LED light bed under the media giving a glowing ember effect. The Vektor 1100 has a massive 10.6kW output, which will allow this fire to heat up to 150m2. 

It has a star rating of 3.8 and comes with a remote control. The Vektor 1100 also has full Wi-Fi capability allowing remote control of the fire from your mobile device wherever you have internet connection.

The versatile power-balanced flue options allow the fire to be installed in almost any location with horizontal or vertical runs up to 13.5m from the fire. The power flue technology provides safe room sealed operation which means there is no need for additional ventilation.

Real Flame Vektor 1100 Gas Log Fire Melbourne
real flame element 1200 fireplace

Real Flame Element 1200

The Element 1200 is simply breathtaking with its clean lines, beautiful flame pattern and multiple media options. With an impressive star rating and the latest in power balanced flue technology it makes it the perfect package for the discerning buyer.

The Power Flue allows total flexibility during installation in two storey homes, apartments and commercial projects. A full remote is standard giving the owner complete control of the fire.

The Element also has wifi capability with an app enabling operation of your fire from your smart device so the room is nice and cosy for when you get home!

Real Flame Hybrid Gas Log Fireplace

The Hybrid fire is a stunning collaboration of the Pure Vision and Simplicity.

It allows the designer to position the fire in corners with the solid side to the wall and glass side open to the room.

A glass back can also be added to allow viewing from the room behind the fire creating a fantastic visual between two separate spaces.

Real Flame Hybrid Gas Log Fire
Real Flame Element 1800 DS Melbourne

Real Flame Element 1800 DS Gas Fire

The new addition to the Element range elevates your home with double the viewing pleasure, allowing unsurpassed ambience in any space. With a collective range of multiple media options to choose from, you can customise to suit your interior design.

At the forefront of heating innovation and technology, the high efficiency 1800 DS, has an impressive energy rating of up to 4.6 stars.

Created to defy the conventional standards of interior design, the Element 1800 DS is modern design redefined.

Every fireplace produced by Real Flame is built with the latest in terms of safety devices including flame failure and oxygen depletion systems. This arms you and your loved ones with much-needed peace of mind that you can have your heat and safety too!

If a Real Flame fireplace has caught your eye, give the team at The Log Fire Company a call on 1300 373 745 to organise your free consultation today or click here to get a quote.

If you’re looking for a fireplace that oozes elegance, a Real Flame fireplace is for you.

For more than three decades, Real Flame has continued to evolve itself for the better and has built its reputation on being a market leader when it comes to fireplace design.

The crew over at Real Flame is passionate about keeping business in Australia and all of their products are conceived, designed, researched, developed and built Down Under. Only the highest quality materials are used to build its wide range of products that range from classic to contemporary designs.

real Flame Fireplaces are Your Best Choice for Heating in Melbourne

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With over 20 years experience The Log Fire Company is proud to be recognised as one of Melbourne’s leading Gas Log Fire specialists.

Home is where the heart is and we’re here to help you to not just keep your house warm, but to nail the look and style you’re after as well. We work with and stock Australia’s leading brands of fireplaces including; Jetmaster, Real Flame, Regency, Heatmaster and many others to provide heating solutions of the highest quality.




Element 1200 DS Melbourne
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