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Outdoor Fireplaces Installation in Melbourne Exuro2

Summer Nights, Cosy Fires in Melbourne

Melbourne, known for its eclectic weather and vibrant culture, has a surprise guest stealing the spotlight during the warmer months – outdoor fireplaces. Forget the conventional notion of huddling around a fireplace only in winter. Turning outdoor spaces into cosy havens during summer evenings with the warmth and charm of fires is the next trend

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regency electric fireplace

Best Electric Fireplace Options for 2024

Fireplaces have come a long way from traditional wood-burning setups to innovative electric alternatives that not only offer warmth but also elevate the ambience of any space. This guide will delve into some of the best electric fireplace options available in 2024. It will also cover what customers need to think about when considering electric

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Nuvo_two_sided_1200_redgum_coals_Fireplace Services

A Comprehensive Guide to Victoria’s Gas Substitution Policies

Victoria, Australia, is at the forefront of sustainable urban development. A recent policy announcement is set to make a significant impact on the construction and fireplace services landscape. Starting January 1, 2024, Victoria will phase out new gas connections for certain types of construction projects.  In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the details of

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Heat & Glo Fireplace - Heat & Glo 5X

Why a Log Fireplace is a Better Option than a Ducted Heater

There are many ways to keep your home warm and comfortable during the winter months. Ducted heaters are certainly an option, with a lot of structures integrating them into their designs from the outset. With that said, not every home will be suitable for such systems. In fact, a Heat & Glo fireplace can often

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Regency Fireplace Installation - Regency GF950L Gas Fire

Best Replacement Options for Old Space Heaters

Space heaters get old, as is the case with all things, and they need to be replaced. As such, it makes sense to find good replacement options that will give you the same or better performance to keep your home comfortable during winter. Having pointed that out, replacing space heaters is not just a matter

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