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Why a Log Fireplace is a Better Option than a Ducted Heater

There are many ways to keep your home warm and comfortable during the winter months. Ducted heaters are certainly an option, with a lot of structures integrating them into their designs from the outset. With that said, not every home will be suitable for such systems. In fact, a Heat & Glo fireplace can often be the better option in such cases.

To be clear, not all cases are so clear-cut when it comes to deciding which heating option should be used. For all intents and purposes, the needs of the customer dictate which choice is made more often than not.

However, it does pay to be given more information about options regarding a Heat & Glo fireplace in Melbourne to make the right decision that won’t waste your time and money.

To that end, let’s take a look at what a Heat & Glo fireplace can offer over ducted heaters and other central heating systems.

Virtues of Gas Log Fireplaces

A gas log Heat & Glo fireplace in Melbourne might seem a straightforward description of a heating unit, but it can be a bit more complicated than that. It’s a broad term that applies to several types of fireplaces, with the main commonality being that they all have artificial logs.

Granted, the main point of these logs is the aesthetic qualities that they bring to the table. However, this is not to say that an impressive appearance is all they have to offer.

There are two main types of gas log fireplaces, for example. One is the freestanding gas log fireplace, which can be placed in any spot that allows it to distribute the warmth needed for the home. Then there is the in-built fireplace, which is the one that most people are likely to be familiar with.

Such fireplaces are slotted into the wall, thus keeping them out of the way while still producing heat in a strategic direction. Both types do come with their own advantages and disadvantages, but they often intersect in terms of how they can be a better choice compared to central heating.

Now, there are a few more points that need to be outlined when it comes to the virtues of a Heat & Glo fireplace in Melbourne. However, it would be better to put them in context.

Why Use Gas Log Fireplaces

Heat & Glo Fireplace in Melbourne - Heat N Glo 6x

To choose a Heat & Glo fireplace installation instead of something like a ducted heater is to make a conscious decision. Ideally, it should be made after taking all of the available information into account in order to avoid buyer’s remorse. To that end, here are the reasons why a gas log fireplace would be worth getting:

  • Aesthetically pleasing – There is no other way to say it. Most ducted heaters and other central heating systems are just so ugly. They add nothing to the overall style of a home and more often than not, would take away from what you are trying to convey. This isn’t necessarily their fault, however, since this is simply how they are designed.

A Heat & Glo fireplace in Melbourne, however, is much more pleasing to the eye. They suit most contemporary home designs and 

  • Highly efficient – Gas log fireplaces are among the most efficient heating options in the market. This applies to how quickly they can heat up, how much fuel they consume, and how well they can regulate temperatures to reduce fuel usage.

This is not to say that ducted heaters can’t be efficient. However, by virtue, they are big and blocky compared to gas log fireplaces.

  • Easy to maintain – Despite how well they can keep homes warm and comfortable, gas log fireplaces are fairly manageable in terms of size and handling. This makes maintaining them fairly easy, which then extends their lifespan. Well-maintained gas log fireplaces last long and operate at peak performance longer.
  • Advanced features – Gas log fireplaces will do what fireplaces are expected to do. However, there are models that provide more features than that. Some are cosmetic such as the size of the fire while others allow you to essentially control your fireplace even when out of the house.
  • Lots of options – The popularity of gas log fireplaces all over the world has brought with it a mountain of options to choose from. This applies to brands, models, types, sizes, and designs. It’s a veritable choose-your-own-adventure type of deal and it certainly would be that with the right gas log fireplace.
  • Easier to work with – Imagine trying to find the right spot for a centralised heating unit versus a gas log fireplace. By virtue of the design and size alone, it becomes obvious enough that a Heat & Glo fireplace installation would be easier to work with than the former. Home redesigns certainly have one less hassle to worry about.

Gas Log Fireplace Recommendations

Heat & Glo Fireplace Installation - Heat & Glo I30-X Freestanding

Now that the reasons for getting a Heat & Glo fireplace in Melbourne have been laid out, it’s time to look into some of the better options to choose from. In this regard, you can take a look at the following:

  • Supreme I30X Gas Fire – One of the more traditional gas log fireplaces in terms of looks, this model is perfect for modern home designs.
  • Heat & Glo Mezzo Series – With its clean and discreet design, you want this gas log fireplace for more minimalistic projects.
  • Heat & Glo 5X – Wide and clear, you can appreciate more of the fires and logs with this model.
  • Heat & Glo I30-X Freestanding – Compact and easy to keep out of the way, this freestanding gas log fireplace is simply a darling to have at home.
  • Heat & Glo SLR-X – If you want to show off, this Heat & Glo fireplace would be a great addition to any apartment.


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