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The Gas Log Fire Company’s: The Ultimate Fireplace Buying Guide

Buying a fireplace isn’t as clear cut as a lot of people seem to believe. It’s not just about having a source of heat and warmth during the winter. It’s about having one that suits your needs and your home. This is something to keep in mind when looking to buy a gas log fireplace in Melbourne.

Remember that a fireplace is an investment. It’s not something to spend money on like a new gadget or accessory.

And we acknowledge this fact so much that we’ve built showroom pages of our most recommended Gas Log Fire brands like Heat & Glo, Regency, and Real Flame which you can visit by clicking on the preceding links.

With that said, keeping a few things in mind will help you find the best fireplace for your home. Everything from the price to the functionality needs to be considered so that you’ll end up with a fireplace that you can be happy with.

How Big of a Space Do You Have?

Among the most pertinent points to consider when shopping for a fireplace is its size. Fireplaces come in many forms, some bigger and others smaller. You need to consider if the one you’ll get will actually meet your needs in this regard.

Large fireplaces come with a ton of benefits. They can often produce more warmth and they can look absolutely divine, as well. They can easily function as some of the most elegant pieces of decor you could ask for. Then again, they won’t do you much good if they won’t actually fit in your home.

This doesn’t mean that smaller fireplaces don’t have anything to offer in terms of aesthetics, however. With the right home design and tasteful positioning, you could easily make one into a centrepiece worth noticing. 

When making your choice, be sure to remember that the size will affect the level of comfort that you’ll enjoy during winter when considering gas fireplace installation in Melbourne.

What’s Your Budget?

The next point of concern is your budget when buying your next fireplace. Reliable, powerful, efficient, and safe fireplaces are investments that are worth their expense. However, you also need to be careful about how much you are going to or are willing to spend.

There are affordable fireplaces in the market that can easily serve your needs, but you can expect them to be rather limited. You could also find expensive models available that comes with a ton of features, but you need to consider if you need those features, at all. 

At the end of the day, going for a fireplace with a reasonable price that also gives you all of the features and functionality that you’re looking for is the goal. Cheap might break easily, but you also don’t want to pay more than you strictly need to.

Home Considerations

heat and glo i30x gas log fireplace

The fireplace that you will get will be placed in your home. As such, it stands to reason that you should consider if it’s capable of doing so, in the first place. The size of the fireplace has already been brought up as a potential sticking point. Dimensions is another and, if you are particular about these sorts of things, you also need to take your home’s design into account.


Some fireplaces are just not suitable for some homes, at all. They can clash to such extremes that the results can range from uncomfortable to downright intolerable. In the worst cases, the fireplace might not be usable, at all. 

Before you start shopping for a fireplace, you need to know how big it should be, where you are going to put it, which direction it will face, how many rooms it will heat up, and so on. You could then customise your purchase requirements based on this information.

Model and Type

Now, it needs to be said that fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes when buying your next fireplace. In fact, they come in many different forms. Traditional fireplaces are basically cavities with a chimney that’s surrounded by bricks. Suffice it to say, those are not very effective at heating up large spaces. 

These days, the most common types of fireplaces are powered either by gas or electricity. However, even those come in many forms. Some are your standard enclosed boxes with grates while others are beautifully designed gas log fireplaces. 

Generally speaking, you’ll find freestanding and inbuilt fireplaces. These will determine how prominent the fireplace is going to be. Inbuilt fireplaces are typically less likely to get in your way, but they do require more extensive changes for the home. Freestanding fireplaces, on the other hand, provide more flexibility in terms of positioning. 

Safety Features

Most modern fireplaces are designed with a ton of safety features to prevent accidents. You are dealing with something that involves heat, fire, and other potentially hazardous materials. As such, you want to make sure that the fireplace model you get will have all of the safety features that you will need.

You can usually find out how reliable brands and fireplace models are in terms of safety through things like reviews. You could also ask questions to the company that will be installing the fireplace rather than the seller. 

Bonus Features

Last but not least, we have the bonus features that you can find with fireplaces available in the market. You’ve got your standard sets, of course, with the fire, the thermometer, and the switches. Then there are the extras such as being able to control the size of the fire, artificial logs that look quite real, and even being connected to smart devices. 

You need to think about whether or not you really need these bonus features or not. If you do, you need to think about which of them you’ll need and which of them you could live without.


There you have it, those are everything you need to know if you’re thinking of buying a fireplace. You need to consider the size and model while also thinking about your needs and how compatible the fireplace will be for your home. Need some extra features? Contact us at The Gas Log Fire Company, your most trusted gas log fireplace installation service provider in Melbourne.


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