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“Stacked Stone” The Ultimate finish for gas log fireplaces

For a truly outstanding feature in any living or commercial space, it’s difficult to beat the winning combination of Stacked Stone and wall inserted Gas Log Fireplaces. The mixed texture of a stacked stone wall area, perfectly accentuates the smooth lined, fascia of new fashioned gas log fireplaces. Just compare the pictures to see how impeccably they combine to create a whole new modern look from older, outdated fireplaces.

Premium quality Gas Log Fireplaces, now come in a range of designs with minimalist design features. Interior decorators choose to use both newly designed gas log fireplaces and Staked Stone feature surrounds. Of course, all the usual advantages of having a new wall inserted gas log fireplace are still there;

  • high fuel efficiency
  • easy cleaning
  • clean appearance
  • high heat output
  • log or pebble interior

Stacked Stone, like its name suggests, are panels constructed from layers of naturally occurring stone. Reputable gas log fireplaces installers only use well-tested quality panels. Apart from the modern appearance, there are many further advantages that come from having wall surrounds created from Stacked Stone;

  • heat reducing wall surrounds
  • easy to clean
  • incredible durability
  • does not melt or crack
  • low maintenance
  • no painting and no need to repair
  • come in a large range of modern shades

Stacked Stone is available in 14 different colours. You won’t just be able to re-create this amazing statement piece, shown in the pictures; your wall feature can reflect your own personal style and taste. The colours available range from snow white, to black quartz, and combinations of most of the shades in between. Textures can range from smooth faced to rough cut, depending on your personal preferences.

Both the new fashioned Gas Log Fireplaces and Stacked Stone feature panels offer flexibility of design and can usually include wall inserted cupboards and display niches. This can easily be facilitated by reputable Gas Log Fireplaces Distributors, who offer specialist design and installation services. It is important to only choose Gas Log Fireplace outlet who source their Stacked Stone from reputable suppliers. Cheaper Stacked Stone might not have the durability to handle the constant high heat output from Gas Log Fireplaces.

To see how amazing Stacked Stone features click here. For more information concerning stacked stone click here. To help you choose the best gas log fireplaces to install for a fresh and modern look, click here.



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