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Real Flame Nuvo 1800 Gas Fireplace


  • Anti-reflective glass as standard enhancing the aesthetic
  • Power Balanced Flue system that can run up to 50m in length
  • Compatible with Natural Gas, LPG, and ULPG
  • Fireplace can be configured in 4 different viewing styles

Real Flame Nuvo is a room sealed decorative gas fireplace range, designed to suit modern building styles. Available in 1200mm and 1800mm size options, this fireplace can be configured in 4 different viewing styles to suit each type of installation. Traditional open-fronted fireplaces require significant fixed ventilation to ensure proper operation – the room sealed nature of this appliance ensures smooth operations without the requirement of fixed ventilation in the room. The range is compatible with Natural Gas, LPG, and ULPG, making a decorative gas fireplace accessible to as many clients as possible.

Allowing unsurpassed ambiance in any space

Nuvo range comes with unparalleled fuel bed options that are true to its heritage. The fuel
beds are inspired by branches gathered from the mountains surrounding Real Flame’s base in
Melbourne, Victoria- following a storm in the region.
To enhance the aesthetic integrity of the range, Nuvo is offered standard with anti-reflective glass,
ensuring the client’s focus is on the relaxing flame as it interacts with the enchanting fuel beds. The
back of the firebox is cladded with vertically ribbed ceramic panels as standard, but clients have
the option to choose SCHOTT ROBAX Magic Black glass for additional visual impact.

Safety and Simplicity with Power-Balanced Flue

Real Flame Nuvo is equipped with Power-Balanced Flue technology to create a closed loop
system where combustion air is drawn from outside the building, avoiding all requirements for fixed
ventilation and protecting against environmental changes in the building into the future e.g. the
addition of upgraded kitchen or bathroom extraction. The Power Balanced Flue system has been
designed to give the ultimate in flexibility by extending the maximum possible flue run to distances
never seen before in a Real Flame product.

Download Real Flame Nuvo 1200/1800 Gas Fireplace Installation & Operation Manuals