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Free Standing Vs. Inbuilt Gas Log Fireplaces

Getting a fireplace is no simple matter that you can decide whenever you decide to look for a new gas log fireplace in Melbourne. It’s an investment that could pay off really well or could go horribly wrong really quickly. You don’t want to have to deal with the latter, so from the start, you should think about what kind of fireplace you want.

When searching through the wide range of gas log fireplaces for sale in Melbourne, one of the first decisions you would need to make is the choice between a free-standing or an inbuilt fireplace installed in your home.

This may or may not even be a major consideration for you, given how an inbuilt fireplace is pretty common. However, it can certainly have a major impact on how much you will be using your fireplace and whether it will be a good fit for your home or not. 

A fireplace can do more than just keep your home warm, after all. It’s also supposed to keep you comfortable and even add some enjoyable ambience to your home.

What is a Free Standing Gas Log Fireplace?

A free standing gas log fireplace is basically a fireplace that does not need to be installed into the home in order to be used. It can stand on its own and offers more freedom in terms of where it will be placed. 


This is good because it means that you could potentially direct the heat to more than just one direction, depending on the fireplace that you get. If you have a home with two stories or if the space is a lot bigger than your average home, there’s potential for better heat distribution.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to all free standing fireplaces. 

This is why you need to be careful when you are shopping for a gas log fireplace for sale. Some free standing fireplaces can be quite limited while others are more versatile.

In fact, depending on the free standing fireplace you buy, you might even be better off with an inbuilt fireplace anyway. What would be the point in going in this direction if you don’t take advantage of the distinctions of a free standing fireplace from its counterpart?

In any case, a free standing fireplace can be placed in any area of the home, including the living room, basement, or even the second floor. The installation process is also less fiddly than an inbuilt fireplace. Just make sure that the fireplace is actually built for that.

What is an Inbuilt Gas Log Fireplace?

An inbuilt gas log fireplace is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a fireplace that has been built into the structure of the house, which could have been done during its construction or after. It depends on the circumstances. You can learn more about this when you talk to companies offering gas log fireplace installation in Melbourne. 

This is what you might imagine if you were discussing traditional fireplaces. 

Now, it is true that you are likely to get only heat from one direction with this kind of fireplace, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s weak. With gas fire inserts, which many models of inbuilt gas fireplaces have, the heat can be contained instead of being lost through the chimney.

More to the point, however, there are several advantages to inbuilt fireplaces that other, more exposed alternatives don’t have. For example, it doesn’t get in the way of anyone or anything.

There’s no need to move around it or to move the fireplace itself. The chances of a pet or excitable children knocking it over and getting hurt are also lower.

If safety is a concern, you could just place a grate over the mouth of the fireplace, if it doesn’t come with that already. This will also lower the risks of fire damage, especially if the fireplace is using actual wood. Fortunately, there are plenty of inbuilt gas log fireplaces that don’t use organic fuel but still provide the practical and aesthetic benefits that a traditional fireplace would. 

Which is Better?

With all of that laid out, how do you decide which one to get? This would depend on a few things, many of which might be out of your hands. For example, not all homes can accommodate inbuilt fireplaces while some residences might not make free standing fireplaces a practical option.

If you are living in a cramped, narrow, and limited area, for example, a small free standing fireplace would be the more practical option. If you have a luxurious and spacious home with some historic significance and sees a lot of traffic in the form of visiting friends and family, a stylish inbuilt fireplace might be more appropriate.

Then there is the matter of cost, which can be a tricky prospect since there can be a lot of variety in expense depending on the brand, model, and even your location. Generally speaking, however, free standing fireplaces are quicker to install and somewhat cheap to maintain. Inbuilt gas log fireplaces might be more expensive to install, though, a lot of this will still depend on the company doing the installation for you.

Then again, inbuilt fireplaces offer certain advantages in terms of safety, not least of which is the fact that it’s surrounded on all sides by fireproof materials, except for the front and above. This can’t always be said for free standing fireplaces, though, the best ones would often have their own safety features for you to consider.

As for the aesthetics that they offer, there’s no denying that inbuilt fireplaces do check a lot of boxes for people who want the ambience you’d get from traditional fireplaces. Free standing fireplaces can certainly be stylish and beautiful, but they can also stick out like a sore thumb when they don’t complement the design of the home.


So, to sum up, your choice between free standing or inbuilt gas log fireplaces would depend on your needs and circumstances. The size of your home, the ambience you’re going for, and the amount you’re willing to spend would all play a part in your decision. 

For the best gas log fireplace installation services in Melbourne, contact our friendly team of experts and we will be very happy to provide you with recommendations and guidelines. 

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