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Category: Real Flame Fireplaces

Kemlan Wood Heater - XL Freestanding

Go Green with Kemlan: The Eco-Friendly Wood Heater Solution

The need for eco-friendly solutions has never been more critical. As we strive to reduce our carbon footprint, many are turning to sustainable options for heating their homes. One such solution is the range of Kemlan Wood Heaters, a product that offers both efficiency and environmental benefits.   What Makes Kemlan Wood Heaters Eco-Friendly?  Kemlan Wood

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Real Flame EVO Firebox Melbourne

Real Flame Gas Heaters: The Green Choice for Sustainable Heating

Fireplaces and environmental friendliness might seem like counterforces to a lot of people, but this has not been the case for a long time. In fact, many of today’s heating systems and modern fireplaces have become increasingly efficient and eco-friendly. Among the best examples of this are gas heaters from Real Flame, which are some

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Real Flame Fireplaces – A Perfect Addition To Modern Décor

Here at the Gas Log Fire Company, we are especially proud to be a chosen outlet for one of Australia’s premier and innovative Gas Log Fire manufacturers, Real Flame. We believe they exemplify nearly everything all high quality Australian manufacturers should aspire to- innovation, superior product, versatility, and fully compliant after sales services. Real Flame’s

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Do you Need A Chimney installed to use Gas Log Fires?

With the new innovations in Gas Log fires – chimneys have almost been superseded. Expertly installed gas log fires do not need a traditional chimney to divert smoke or fumes. Heat n Glo’s innovative Balanced Flues and Real Flame’s Power Flue Technology make gas log fireplaces a safe and clean alternative to wood burning fireplaces. Click

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What Makes Regency, Real Flame And Heat & Glo Fireplaces So Special?

Because we’ve had over twenty years of selling, installing and servicing heaters, we’re often asked what the top brands are – without hesitation we always answer Regency, Real Flame and Heat & Glo Fireplaces. Owners can always rely on Regency, Real Flame and Heat & Glo Fireplaces to consistently supply high quality products backed by excellent

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