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Best Replacement Options for Cannon Fitzroy & Canterbury Inbuilt Gas Heaters

One of the most prominent Gas heater manufacturer and brands, Cannon has issued a safety notice back in 2016 that urges homeowners who owns Cannon Fitzroy and Canterbury inbuilt gas heaters that were manufactured between 20 March 2001 and 8 October 2009 to have them checked for carbon monoxide spillage.

An excerpt on Cannon’s website reads:

“Gas heaters provide safe and economical heating for millions of Australian families.

As a leader in the Australian gas heating industry for over 60 years, Cannon is committed to your safety.

Laboratory testing suggests it may be possible that Cannon Fitzroy or Canterbury inbuilt gas heaters built between 20 March 2001 and 8 October 2009 under AGA Approval 6118 could produce potentially hazardous levels of carbon monoxide if the heater is subjected to certain conditions, including the operation of range hoods and other exhaust fans. This risk may be increased if the inbuilt heater has not been installed properly, or if it has not been serviced regularly, or if your house is tightly sealed.

The build date and AGA Approval number of the heater appear on the heater’s ratings label, which is located within the lower fan chamber, and which a suitably qualified person can access by removing the lower fascia panel of the heater.

If you think you have one of these heaters, please call Cannon on 1800 035 410 to arrange for it to be checked at Cannon’s expense. You should not use your heater until it has been checked.”

While Cannon’s quick actions are commendable, it is always worth looking into an alternative heating solution for your home.

Here at Gas Log Fires Melbourne, we aim to give you just that. This is why one of our best recommendations are centered around the best heating option available to you that’s as close to your Fitzroy or Canterbury Inbuilt Gas Heater.

Heat & Glo Supreme I30-X Gas Fire

I30X Gas Log Fire

While smaller than some other Heat & Glo, the Supreme I30X Gas Fire still produces an incredible amount of heat to warm your home. For its design, it comes with superb and clean lines that accentuate the flames that it displays. 

You can choose from a wide variety of options and it can be installed in homes with two stories. The perfect replacement for Fitzroy or Canterbury gas heaters.

Do you own any of these heaters covered on the recall? Contact us today to get a free quote on our recommended Heat & Glo Gas Fire by clicking the image below:


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