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Advantages of Gas Log Fireplaces

To be sure, there are plenty of reasons to have chosen a gas log fireplace installed for your home in Melbourne. They are not all about keeping it warm, either, though that’s also a major part of it.

For the most part, gas log fireplaces do everything that traditional fireplaces can do but with a few extra features. What’s more, they are much better for the environment. 

Benefits of Installing a Gas Log Fireplace 

There are undoubtedly plenty of benefits to using gas log fireplaces if you want to make your home as comfortable and toasty as possible for winter. Among the clearest, however, are the following:

  • Efficiency – A gas log fireplace basically uses less fuel without having to sacrifice the amount of heat that they can produce.
  • Versatility – Gas log fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, with incredibly beautiful designs, even the simplistic ones.
  • Heating power – You won’t have any trouble keeping your home warm with gas log fireplaces, even the smaller models.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – There is beauty to be found aplenty with gas log fireplaces, with clear glass panels, realistic logs, and controllable fires being major parts of that.
  • Easy to use – There is practically no learning curve involved with using gas log fireplaces, they are just that easy to use.
  • Low maintenance – You only really need to have your gas log fireplace looked at once a year to keep it running in the best shape possible.
  • No electricity reliance – Even if the power goes out, your gas log fireplace will still keep running.
  • Clean and refreshing – You could keep your gas log fireplace on for as long as you want and there will be no fumes, ashes, soot, or bad odour to ruin your comfort come winter.

Advantages of Choosing a Gas Log Fireplace Over Other Options 

As already noted, gas log fireplaces are efficient, clean, easy to use and maintain, and don’t produce ash or bad odours. Alternative means of heating your home can’t really say the same thing. If you go with electric fireplaces, for example, you’d end up feeling the biting chill of winter if the power ever goes out.

Element 1800 Media - Logs and Coals - LR

Then there are heaters that use hot water to keep your home warm, which can be unreliable and even noisy. The older they get, the noisier they get. 

As for traditional fireplaces, how many advantages do gas log fireplaces over them would need to be listed before the whole practice becomes ridiculous? No soot, no smoke, no odours, and reduce fire hazards. The only thing that traditional fireplaces have that their gas counterparts don’t is the huge cavity in the walls and the chimney, which bring their own headaches.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gas Log Fireplace 

If you are going to get a gas log fireplace for your home, there are a few things that you need to consider. The following would be a good place to start:

  • Size – You need to consider how big the gas log fireplace you get should be and if it is enough to suit your needs.
  • Design – There are multiple models of gas log fireplaces that you can choose from and their design should complement your home as well as meet your preferences.
  • Performance – How much heat do you want your gas log fireplace to produce and how quickly do you want it to warm up your home?
  • Features – Some extra doodads such as remote controls, reliable thermostats, and controlling the size of the fire are available.
  • Dimensions – Last but not least, you need to consider if the dimensions of the gas log fireplace can match the dimensions of the area where you want to put it.

How to Install a Gas Log Fireplace in Melbourne 

If you want the gas log fireplace installation in Melbourne for your home to be done correctly, you only really need to find the right company to do so. They need to have trained and experienced technicians and should also have a good reputation.

Regency New York View 40 Gas Fireplace

Once your gas log fireplace arrives, it shouldn’t take more than a day to get it all done. Not only will it be quick, but it will also be safe.

Tips for Maintaining Your Gas Log Fireplace 

Good maintenance is important so that your gas log fireplace performs at optimum levels for a long time. To that end, be sure to do the following:

  • Clean the glass regularly to keep it nice and clear.
  • If the interiors are accessible, clean what you can reach but leave the logs in place.
  • The remote control runs on batteries, so be sure to prepare replacements.
  • Have it checked at least once a year to avoid problems.

In Summary

Gas log fireplaces are worth getting because they are more efficient than their alternatives without compromising on performance. You also get reduced overall costs due to this efficiency. They are easy to operate, clean, maintain, and even repair. 

They also look incredible, both for modern and classical home designs. You certainly have plenty to choose from to better suit the needs of your home.

For the best gas log fireplace installation services in Melbourne, contact our friendly team of experts and we will be very happy to provide you with recommendations and guidelines. 


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